P.O. Box 10039 • Terre Haute, IN 47801
The Froderman Foundation, Inc. was formed primarily through the efforts of Mr. and Mrs. G. Harvey Froderman in June of 1961.The Froderman's formed the foundation to provide funds to qualified applicants whose emphasis is to promote religious, educational, medical and/or charitable causes. The Froderman Foundation does not typically underwrite operating budgets or approve general contributions to applicants and requires specific information regarding how such funds will be utilized. The Froderman Foundation considers each grant application that it receives without reference to race, creed or color.
If you would like to apply for a full grant application, please email me a one page summary of your request, including the following:
  • Name of organization
  • Address, phone, website
  • 501(C)3 Number
  • Brief history of organization and date established
  • Specific description of project/need for which the grant is requested
  • Amount of grant requested
  • Is this request for a specific need and/or a project that will require funding on a continuing basis? What plans do you have to support this need?
  • If this grant request is for a specific program, when will the program begin and end?
  • If the grant review committee feels that your summary warrants a full grant application package, we will then forward one to you. Please email this information to: MarkFuson@drivefuson.com
    Contact Person: MarkFuson@drivefuson.com